Dr. Diego Sepulveda, is a designer and a regional planner. He works as teacher and senior researcher at the department of Urbanism at Delft University of technology. Diego is active researcher at the Randstad Centre for spatial planning in The Nederland and work as guest professor in several institutions as Buenos Aires University, Vienna University, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile within others. His main topics are the analysis and strategies to integrate marginalized areas into the metropolization processes, with an emphasis on design and planning perspectives and tools. His main interest is the relation between societal processes and spatial planning, particularly in emerging and fast development regions. Diego’s works have been part of several studies from academia to multilateral agencies (as the world bank- inter-American developing bank) his publications are diverse, being The New Urban Questions (IFOU 2010) one of the most significant one. Currently he coordinates the Complex city region Lab at the master of Urbanism of Delft University of Technology.